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Campaigns that Build Environmental Awareness

Here are some of the campaigns I singled out from this page by Sergiu Naslau. Fantastic advertisements. I hope to see more of them, but then again, it puzzles me that we need to do these campaigns just for people to be aware and do something about it. :( 

Anyway, in no particular order, here are the campaigns I happen to like from the list:

1. Bund

Every 60 seconds a species dies out. Each minute counts. Each donation helps. Bund.net

Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany 
Chief Creative Officer: Martin Pross
Executive Creative Director: Matthias Spaetgens
Creative Directors: Florian Schwalme, Mathias Rebmann
Art Directors: Ksenia Slavcheva, René Gebhardt, Björn Kernspeckt
Account Managers: Christine Scharney, Susanne Kieck
Illustrator: Peppermill Berlin
Graphic Designer: Sebastian Frese

2. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore 
Art Directors: Stuart Mills, Anthony Tham
Copywriter: Jagdish Ramakrishnan

When you see a tuna, think panda. The bluefin tun is now on the brink of extinction, thanks to industrial overfishing and corporate greed. Breeding population could disappear from our oceans as early as 2012. Please do your bit to end this trade. Don’t sell, buy or eat this endangered species. And please support the bluefin defense campaign. Operation Blue Rage, at www.seashepherd.org

3. WWF - China

Set harm, get harm.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Shanghai, China
Creative Director: Jianyong Zhu
Art Director: Jianyong Zhu Yan’gang Wang
Designers: Yan’gang Wang
Copywriter: Lili Su

4. WWF: Biodiversity And Biosafety Awareness

What will it take before we respect the planet?

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Chris Garbutt
Art Director: Emmanuel Bougnères
Copywriter: Edouard Perarnaud
Art Buyer: Laurence Nahmias
Illustrators: Mathieu Javelle, Stephane Balesi
Photographer: Raphael Van Butsele
Typographer: Sid Tomkins
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Jacques-Olivier Barthes
Account Supervisors: Benoît De Fleurian, Elie Sicsic, Nathalie Avedissian, Laurent Janneau


The 4th is probably my favorite out of all, but I find all of them striking and I believe more people should see these ads. 

So… What will it take before we respect the planet?

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